Build a Website in Six Weeks

For the past few years, we have been running a web development camp specifically for teens. It has been immensely popular, and there was a strong interest in offering something similar for adults. You asked, we listened!

Introducing a brand new series and teaching model: Build a Website in Six Weeks.

The name of the class tells you exactly what you’ll accomplish, so by the end of the accelerated six week series you will have your very own portfolio website that you will have built using HTML, CSS, and more. Because this class will move at a rapid pace, students should already have a basic understanding of how to navigate the internet and creating and editing text documents (i.e. a Word document).

Our first round of this series will start Sunday, October 1, and continue every Sunday, 1 - 5 p.m. through the month of October and will wrap up on Sunday, November 5.

If you are interested in Build a Website in Six Weeks, registration is open now. Space is limited, so apply today!

Written by Ashley on August 21, 2017


Monique Jenkins on August 21, 2017


I tried to register but when i click on the link it says i need permission.

Ashley on August 22, 2017


Hi Monique, I made sure that the form permissions were correct. Try again and see if it works now.


Frances on August 31, 2017


I don't have experience with HTML (used a long time ago) CSS etc., will this present a problem?

Thank you


Frances, you don't have to have experience with HTML or CSS. The course will cover the basics of both, but will move at an accelerated pace compared to our usual HTML & CSS series. As long as you are comfortable using the Internet, copying and pasting, and are proficient at typing, you should be able to follow along. Being self-motivated and willing to practice outside of class will make all the difference!

J on November 7, 2017


Since myself (and I assume others) were wait-listed, could you provide the resources that were used in this class?

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