Get Bugged with Artist Marie Gibbons

Learn how to make these extraordinary ceramic bugs with local artist Marie Gibbons at Camp Gitchacrafton.

There's always something exciting going on in Marie E.v.B Gibbons's studio just off Tennyson. Right now she is working on a group art project guided by Susan Lomuto of New York; all participating artists are creating works of art using debris collected by Susan on the shores after Hurricane Sandy. You can see one of Marie's completed sculptures for the Peace By Piece Art Project (second photo from the bottom).

Marie's most recent works include POWERfigures, inspired by the cultural carvings of African Culture, referred to as Nail Fetish Figures and/or Power Figures. "This work began as a fun idea for a class, but as it often happens I've been "bit" by the concept and I see it developing into a little series of work for me personally as well as an awesome workshop."

The top photo shows the clever, bas relief designed scarabs that Marie created for our upcoming event, Camp Gitchacrafton. She'll be teaching a limited number of students how to make these little gems that work as an incense burner or as a nonfunctional piece of art. Either way, signing up for this free class will be a wonderful way to learn some artful tricks from one of Denver's most talented ceramicists. Register here.

Marie describes her process: "I've always been making things for myself, my family, my friends.... it was my way to amuse and occupy my time and create a unique space to dwell in. My grandfather was an artist, he had to let it go as a main focus in his life to provide for his family, however, he still created as a hobbyist. This is where my interests were peaked in creating.

In 1976 I traded the east coast for the mountains, moving to Colorado. There is much of the ocean and my time on it in my work.... this is what I call my residual memory the things, textures, colors, smells, that are forever ingrained in my mind, my life, and my art. Since 1995, I have happily created from my heart, discussing, sharing, analyzing life experiences, my own as well as those I am lucky enough to witness and be a part of."

The artwork of Marie E.v.B. Gibbons has been shown in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her works have been photographed and included in many art periodicals and several books. You can visit her studio at 4343 W. 44th Ave., Denver 80212 where she continues to create and teach and learn every day.

This will be Marie's first time as an art counselor at Camp Gitchacrafton.

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Written by Chris on May 13, 2013

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