October is National Disabilities Awareness Month

The Denver Public Library is committed to providing equal access for all people who wish to use the library and its collection, not only during Disability Awareness Month but every day. We have several services and technologies for persons with disabilities.

Each of the following branch libraries has an ADA workstation that includes various adaptive technologies for public use:

There are also two workstations and some additional equipment located in the Community Technology Center at the Central Library.

Physical Access Workstation Equipment:

  • All physical access workstations have adjustable tables (except Pauline Robinson), and adaptive hardware is available on request, including: trackball mice, large print keyboards, and headphones/microphones
  • IntelliKeys (navigation/commands without a mouse)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition software for people that have difficulty using a keyboard or mouse)

Visual Access Workstation Equipment:

  • ZoomText (magnifies whatever is on the monitor)
  • JAWS (reads text aloud)
  • Open Book & Pearl Scanner (reads physical pages aloud)
  • Braille printer (Central Library Community Technology Center only)

Equipment and Services for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing Customer​:

  • American Sign Language (ASL) video calling via Sorenson ntouch or Purple (Central Library Community Technology Center only)
  • American Sign Language interpreter available by contacting the Denver Office of Sign Language Services at 720-913-8487 (Voice), 720-458-8486 (VP), or 720-913-8484 (TTY).  ** Please give a three (3) business-day notice for scheduling or cancelling a request.

For more information about these and other services available, please visit our Services for Persons with Disabilities page.

Interested in learning more about the history of disability rights?
The Denver Public Library's Western History/Genealogy department is committed to preserving the history of the disability rights movement in Denver. Read more about it on the Genealogy, African American & Western History Resources website.

The City and County of Denver and all of its agencies, including the Denver Public Library, are working to ensure that our facilities, services and programs are accessible to people with disabilities. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site or our facilities or services, please contact us.

Written by angela on October 17, 2017

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