Mindfulness at Noon: Extra Servings of Mindfulness for Better Health

A wise woman once said "Your body hears everything your mind says." That woman was Naomi Judd. Okay, I don't know how wise she is, but I sure connected with that quote. And I figure someone who has faced serious health issues and spent much of her life touring must know something about how stress impacts your body!

For me, when I'm feeling unfocused or down, my body pays the price – and vice versa. So how can we use mindfulness to help with both physical and mental health? Practicing mindfulness can actually change how the brain filters things like pain and depression. So, how are you feeling? Take a few minutes and do a body scan. Not getting enough sleep can cause all kinds of health problems - check out these 7 tips for getting more. Always eating on the run? Eating can be a form of meditation and a source of gratitude. Need to get in shape? Jump start an exercise routine with mindfulness. Feeling down? Be present as a way to help with feelings of depression. Are you in physical pain? Try mediation for pain relief. Be more open and live a Bill Murray life!

Do have any mindful health tips? Share what works for you and learn a trick or two at our "Extra Servings of Mindfulness for Better Health" discussion at the Mindfulness at Noon Book Club on April 15, from Noon - 1 p.m. at the Central Library, Level 1 Burnham Hoyt Book Club Room. Everyone is welcome, beginners and experts alike.

The Mindfulness at Noon Book Club meets every third Wednesday of the month. Feel free to bring lunch and beverages. No registration required. Contact books@denverlibrary.org or 720-865-1487 for more information.

Written by angela on April 9, 2015

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