Mindfulness Book Club: Tools for Practicing Mindfulness

As my exploration with mindfulness continues, I have to admit sometimes I struggle. Being aware of thoughts and feelings sounds so easy, but it definitely takes work. The increased awareness has helped me focus more on the present and I find I'm rehashing the past a little less, which is a huge step for me.

As with most things, practice makes...not perfect, but better. And utilizing tools can make a huge difference. Try a meditation app or listen to a mindfulness MP3. Embrace gratitude. Learn how to sit. Got ten minutes? Try doing nothing (no incense required).

I'm really enjoying Mindfulness on the Go by Jan Chozen Bays. It's filled with simple meditation practices that you can do just about anywhere. So far my favorites have been "Just Three Breaths" where you try to silence your inner voices and open your senses for the duration of three deep breaths, and "Bottoms of the Feet" where you focus on the sensations of your feet (pressure on the floor, temperature, etc.), which can be helpful for anxiety. These short exercises are quick, easy and helpful, and now I'm interested in trying the deeper versions: trying to rest my mind for longer periods of time (even just a few minutes), and exploring walking meditation.

Have some mindfulness tools that work for you? Want to learn about the tools others find helpful? Please join us for a "Tools for Practicing Mindfulness" discussion at the Mindfulness at Noon Book Club on February 18, from Noon - 1 p.m. at the Central Library, Level 1 Burnham Hoyt Book Club Room. Bring your favorite tools to the meeting or just bring yourself—everyone is welcome, beginners and experts alike.

The Mindfulness at Noon Book Club meets every third Wednesday of the month. Feel free to bring lunch and beverages. No registration required. Contact books@denverlibrary.org or 720-865-1487 for more information.

Written by angela on February 17, 2015


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I really enjoyed the blogs!

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