The Superhero Training Academy on Saturday, June 21

We’re super excited about Comic Con! So we decided to hold a Superhero Training Academy at the Children’s Library on Saturday, June 21 starting at 10:30 a.m.

Seven superhero skill tests will be ready and waiting for young superheroes to complete. Complete them all for an official superhero certificate!

Does your young superhero prefer to wear a cape? Can they cross a fiery pit of lava? Are they super duper strong? Sounds like they’re a great candidate for the Superhero Training Academy!

Looking to venture beyond Spiderman and Superman? Check out some of these superhero stories!

Written by AmyM on June 12, 2014


sumom on June 15, 2014


Curious what age group?


It's great for preschool through elementary aged kids. Hope to see you there!

Danielle on July 21, 2014


I would love to get some details on your program! I am a children's librarian in MD and am working ahead for next summer. A superhero training camp would be awesome!

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