Amusing Cats

Grumpy Cat
Henri Lost Cat

In the last few months, I have had the pleasure of reading three humorous books about cats.


Now, I like to laugh, but I have a hard time finding humor in books.  So imagine my delight when I heard myself laughing out loud to the vitriolic statements of Grumpy Cat, the existentialist musings of Henri or the pleas of the insanely possessive owner of Lost Cat.

These books may be written by humans, but they speak "feline," or at least what we believe these enigmatic creatures might be thinking.  Go ahead, pick up Grumpy Cat - I guarantee all you will feel is cheerful.


Henri Le Chat Noir on YouTube


I loved Grumpy Cat ... can't wait to read the other two books.

These are three fantastic books for crazy cat people. Like me.

I have read it and should have included it in this post! It's very funny.

If you haven't read it check out I could pee on this
poems by cats

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