Plaza Voices: Resource Guide for New Immigrants

Cover of DPL's updated Resource Guide for New Immigrants

For new immigrants, refugees, or asylees: the Denver Public Library has compiled a list of reliable resources in this guide to assist with your adjustment to life in Colorado. You may find it helpful to read this guidebook in its entirety or find that only certain sections pertain to your needs. You can also access it from our website (just click on the PDF link for a printable, updated guide).

The Denver Public Library’s Services to New Immigrants is here to assist with your transition to your new life! We are located in your neighborhood library and provide services to meet your specific needs. Navigating the immigration process may be a difficult endeavor, but we hope to partner with you on your unique journey.

The library’s role, as a cultural institution, is to provide free information, programming, and materials, and to help users connect with the other local organizations that can best serve their individual needs. The Denver Public Library’s Plaza programming is specifically tailored to meet the needs of immigrant, refugee, and asylee populations.

Plazas are a dedicated space for migrants from all over the world to connect with people, information, and resources, building Denver’s successful global community. This program engages newcomers of all ages and backgrounds with free opportunities and specialized support as they gain second-language conversation skills, prepare for citizenship, create new networks in business, and exchange perspectives across the immigrant experience.

To find a Plaza program near you, please see our events calendar.


A definitely inclusive and valuable guide! I'll definitely share it with my friends, coworkers and family!

Thank you so much! We're very glad to hear it's a useful tool.

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