Plaza Voices: World Cup

Every four years, billions of people tune in to watch countries from around the globe compete in the World Cup, one of the largest international tournaments outside of the Olympics. Much like the Olympics, this is an opportunity for national pride to swell as you root for your home country. Whether you are a soccer (or dare I say, football?) aficionado, or just recently realized that the U.S. even had a team, it is a chance for strangers to band to together and even learn more about our neighbors from other nations. 

However, it is also a personal event, a chance for the human spirit to shine, as exemplified in the video below showcasing a Brazilian fan enjoying the game. This becomes a team event in itself as he gets some help from friends to cheer for his home team. Watch the video, and even though the U.S. is no longer in the running, check out a book or DVD to learn more about soccer, and tune in to see who will make it to the end.  

Who are you watching the World Cup with?

--Will C.


Written by Amanda R. on July 7, 2014


Anonymous on July 9, 2014


I love how the library colors come to succeed. Go white and cyan!

Will C on July 9, 2014



Josh J on July 11, 2014


I hope those Germans win the whole thing on Sunday. The 3rd place game should be something to look forward to as well.

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