Plaza Voices: The Pride of America

Each year on July 4th, the Carnegie Corporation of New York celebrates by honoring a group of distinguished American citizens, taking out a full page add in the New York Times. The people featured are writers, chemists, architects, entrepreneurs, chess masters, actors, astronauts and cellists. They are athletes, politicians, doctors, and engineers. What do all these people have in common, aside from their impressive accomplishments and their status as U.S. citizens?

They all came here from someplace else.

Great Immigrants: The Pride of America is a fascinating website where you can read their stories, and those of everyday people from all over the world who are making the choice to attain citizenship in the United States. Check out the biographies, watch video testimonies, and follow along with "Today's Journey," a blog where people share their experiences becoming citizens. You can also learn about Andrew Carnegie, a major industrialist and philanthropist (he built a lot of libraries, including several in Denver), who was originally from Scotland. And you can even test your own citizenship knowledge, trying your hand at the 100 civics questions every immigrant has to know in order to attain citizenship. 

Interested in learning more? Check out some of our many resources on immigration and the immigrant experience, famous Americans, and the citizenship process. Or visit one of our branches to attend a Plaza program. Plaza is a meeting place where people from all over the world connect with information, make new friends, and enjoy new experiences, building Denver’s global community.

Were you or someone in your family born in a different country? Have you been inspired by someone who immigrated to the United States? Share your stories with us!

Written by Amanda R. on July 16, 2014


Anonymous on July 18, 2014


Your blog and links are Wonderful and informative reminders of WHO makes this country what it is today!

Anonymous on August 11, 2014


What an interesting video! Thanks for sharing!

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