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When you think of "fusion cuisine," Top Ramen may not be what comes to mind. But a recent blog post by National Public Radio's Linda Poon has opened my eyes. Ramen, as one of her sources notes, is a platform food--just about anything can be built upon it. Whether you go for a more traditional recipe, or try one of the strange and (dare I say it) beautiful concoctions mentioned here, ramen can take you far. Mainstream companies like Nissen (makers of Top Ramen) are savvy to the trend, offering their own fusion-inspired recipes, like this lovely Top-Ramen Pizza. And as many people know, ramen is the noodle with a thousand faces. If you only know the one or two brands at your local King Soopers, a visit to H Mart or any number of other international markets in the Denver area will set you straight. 

Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to at-home fusion cooking (check out this great recipe for rice cooker pancakes, for instance). And American food has always been an ever-expanding category, incorporating flavors and techniques from all over the world, through the influence of both immigration and international travel. Books like Pilaf, Pozole, and Pad Thai explore this phenomenon on the personal level, while the television series Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations allows us a peek into the fascinating world of international cuisine.

What are some of your family's food staples? Do you mix cultural traditions in the kitchen? Tell us about it!

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Written by Amanda R. on August 6, 2014


nh on August 6, 2014


That rice cooker pancake looks pretty good!

For quick dinners, I like the Mama brand noodles and add sauteed spinach and a fried egg. It's fast and pretty filling.

Lisa on August 7, 2014


One of my favorite movies is The Ramen Girl. The library has 2 copies.

Eazy on August 7, 2014


ramen Noodles with valentina is a classic or any ramen noodles and a single slice of cheese (Melted) is surprisingly good. My go to meal when I was super duper broke or lazy lol

P.S. Cool blog Amanda, really like this one


Thanks for your comments (and recipes)! I will have to check out The Ramen Girl. And I'm definitely going to make that pancake.

Hill on August 8, 2014


The books "Pretty Good Number 1" opened my eyes to the world of ramen noodles!

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