6 Movies That Will Make You Cry

6 Movies That Will Make You Cry
6 Movies That Will Make You Cry 6 Movies That Will Make You Cry 6 Movies That Will Make You Cry 6 Movies That Will Make You Cry

These 6 movies will touch your heart in the saddest of ways!

A movie that makes you cry or really sad is a very special film. Think about it. Making a sad movie is no small feat by any means! The director has to meticulously plan and, most importantly, strike a nerve with the movie's audience. Although a movie might make you break out the tissues, hug a pillow, or just plain cry, think about how it is that you can so viscerally connect to the film, its story, and its characters. If this has ever happened to you, don't worry! You're not alone; I'm pretty sure millions of other people cried just like you did. It's ok to let yourself cry during a movie -- don't be afraid to let it all out because the film made a personal connection with you. Here is an article explaining the good health benefits from crying.

These six films are my 'must-see' very sad stories- 


Grave of the Fireflies

This has to be the saddest anime movie ever! From beginning to end, this movie will have you at least feeling sad if not crying all over yourself.


The Boy In Striped Pajamas

  The Holocaust was one of the most heartbreaking events in recent memory.  In this movie, two kids with two completely different backgrounds become friends at the unlikeliest of times.  They don't understand why they can't be friends, since they enjoy the same things and play with each other.    


Schindler's List

If the theme of the Holocaust speaks to you, here's another movie to add to your list. One man valued life way more than anything in the world and was willing to do whatever he could to save as many people as possible.This movie is very sad, and it is based on a true story.


Romeo and Juliet

Darn you, William Shakespeare, for making quite possibly the saddest love story ever! Any adaptation of Romero and Juliet is undoubtedly heartbreaking...








The Wrestler

Any person who is passionate about their job or pastime can really connect to this story. Just imagine being told that continuing to do what you love will kill you... Yea, it's a pretty tough pill to swallow.







This movie has the saddest beginning to any Pixar movie in the history of Pixar!







I will see it lol thank you for not spoiling it for us :)

The first movie that made me really cry as a kid wasn't Bambi! For some reason the movie "Madame X" with Lana Turner really turned on the tear ducts.

I was older when I saw "bambi" (still sad) but during "dumbo" at age 3 when his mom is rocking him with her trunk through the bars of a cage, I cried out "he wans hees momey!"

you were so little, and that is so funny that you said that lol and awesome lol

That must be a Sad  Movie, Never   Heard of It....   

The saddest movie I have ever seen is "Imitation of Life." Not the first version, but the one that was made in the 50's or early 60's. Mahalia Jackson sang in it. To this day, I cry at the end, and I've watched it at least 15 times.

Never heard of it before and It must be a really sad movie if you still cry even though you watched it plenty of times

The most memorably sad experience I recall was seeing The Joy Luck Club in the theater. I was there with my sister, and we were snuffling quietly, along with others in the audience. But there was a woman in front of us who was sobbing loudly. It broke the mood and cracked us up, but it WAS a sad movie.

awwwwwwwww, that sounds really funny and she must of been sobbing very loud to make you crack up lol

Boy In the Striped Pajamas blew me away! Such a twist of plot ending...a wonderful piece of literature . Do Not Miss This Movie.

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