4 Evil Villains that need no introduction!

Death, destruction, pain, heartache, absolute fear, and no remorse!!!



These four men are undoubtedly the definition of pure evil and these are the reasons why. 




Joker-The Dark Knight

  1. Kills a ton of innocent people. 
  2. Kills his own team members.                                    
  3. Kills every important official possible.
  4. Instills fear in the mob world.
  5. Blows up a hospital. 
  6. Creates chaos everywhere.
  7. Money is not a motive of his, only crime is.
  8. Wants anarchy and is willing to do anything for it.
  9. Insists on creating a new kind of criminal.
  10. Pain and sorrow brings him joy.
    The Joker



Anton Chigurh-No Country for Old Men

  1. Stops at nothing to get what is his.
  2. Determines your life with the flip of a coin.
  3. Kills without question.
    Anton Chigurh
  4. Has no remorse whatsoever.
  5. Will kill a person's family members.
  6. Has several very brutal weapons.
  7. Even in pain he will relentlessly chase you.
  8. Has the scariest sense of humor ever.
  9. Willing to die to kill. 
  10. Is a hit man.  
    Anton Chigurh



Lord Voldemort-Harry Potter

  1. Kills anything and anyone. 
  2. Has a huge following that is as ruthless as he is.
  3. Tries to kill little kids.
    Lord Voldemort
  4. Expert in the dark arts and magic.
  5. Hates non-magical humans so much.
  6. Destroys an entire school.
  7. Forces people to choose to either die or join him.
  8. Believes in corruption.
  9. Couldn't care less about who lives and who dies.
  10. Is willing to fight to the death with anyone.



And last but not least!


Dr.Evil-Austin Powers


Dr. Evil


I know you're probably asking yourself: why Dr. Evil? But, hear me out:Dr. Evil

  1. Always trying to take over the world.
  2. Kills several people.
  3. Holds several people hostage.
  4. Creates a smaller version of himself to be doubly evil.
  5. Always trying to kill his arch enemy.
    Austin Powers
  6. Orders his army to hurt others.
  7. Hopes for utter destruction of planet Earth.
  8. His name is Dr. Evil-which says a lot.
  9. Does not like his son very much.
  10. Threatens governments all of the time.
  11. Was evil even in his adolescent years.

Dr. Evil


If you feel like adding evil villains to this list please do. 


Written by Eazy on February 12, 2014



Those are two very good choices, sometimes I forget about all the bad guys in cartoons movies.


Cartoons have a distinct line between good and evil. Just think about it.Like Bullwinkle had Boris and Natasha.

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