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Explore stories of persistence and perseverance inspired by real life and fictional imaginings.

DVD cover image for 100 Years from Mississippi

Award-winning documentary about the life and times of Mamie Lang Kirkland, a project that began when she was 107 years old.  DVDKanopy

DVD cover image for Babyteeth

Based on the play by Rita Kalnejais, an ill teenager named Milla falls in love and shows everyone in her circle how to live like there is no tomorrow.   DVD 

Kanopy cover image for BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez

Discover the life, work and mesmerizing performances of renowned poet and activist Sonia Sanchez who describes herself as "a woman with razor blades between my teeth."  Kanopy

DVD cover image for Beau is afraid

A mild-mannered but anxiety-ridden man faces his darkest fears as he embarks on an epic, Kafkaesque journey back home.  DVDBlu-rayKanopy

DVD cover image for Duality: a graffiti story

Discover the struggles and successes of four artists from different cities as they tell how they overcame adversity and legality to where they are today.  DVD

Cover image courtesy Rotten Tomatoes for Feathers

When a magic trick goes awry at a children's birthday party, the authoritative father of the family turns into a chicken and subsequently other transformations occur in the family.  DVD

Kanopy cover image for Forest for the Trees

This visually unique documentary explores the physical and emotional aspects of a community of west coast tree planters who bring back the forest one tree at a time.  Kanopy

DVD cover image for Gran Turismo

Inspired by a true story, a team of unlikely underdogs take on the most elite motor sport in the world.  DVDBlu-ray

DVD cover image for Man Push Cart

Back in his home country of Pakistan, Ahmad was a famous rock star. Now a widower separated from his son and adrift in New York, searches for human connection and a sense of purpose.  DVD

DVD cover image, Misbehaviour

Based on the sensational true story of the Women's Liberation Movement's disruption of the 1970 Miss World pageant and the subsequent crowning of Jennifer Hosten from Grenada.  DVDKanopy

Kanopy cover image for Pinball

The captivating story of Roger Sharpe, a GQ journalist and real-life pinball wizard who, in 1976, helped overturn New York City's 35-year ban on pinball.  Kanopy

DVD cover image, Shabaash Mithu

A fascinating look at women’s cricket with this biopic about Mithali Raj, former cricketer and captain of the India women's national cricket team from 2004 to 2022.  DVD

DVD cover image, The Ultimate Richard Pryor Collection

A once-in-a-generation innovator, changing the game and inspiring everyone who came after him, Richard's intimate storytelling made the world feel like we knew him and loved him.  DVD