2010 Annual Report of the Denver Public Library

The 2010 Annual Report (pdf) is now available.

In 2010, customers made 4 million visits to the Denver Public Library, borrowed 9.3 million items, and conducted more than 40 million online transactions.

Here are some Library numbers we believe are also important:

  • Lilia Perez attended 15 classes at the Ross-Barnum Branch Library to work toward her dream of becoming a U.S. citizen.
  • With her mom’s help, two-year-old Samantha Young checked out her very first book.
  • And, after coming to the Library’s Community Technology Center day after day, Herman Martinez achieved the goal he had pursued with steadfast determination: he found one terrific job.

The Library transforms lives. It all begins by serving one customer at a time.

We are privileged to serve our customers and delight in their personal triumphs. In this year’s annual report, we are pleased to share some of their success stories.


Good for young Samantha Young, when I was little getting a library card was your first real peice of ID. Now its probably a mobile phone bill lol!

Is there a mention in the Annual Report that the City Librarian Shirley Amore plans to close 7 to 12 branch libraries?

Anything about how City of Denver has asked DPL to absorb their fair share of budget cuts in an economy in which the City faces a $100M deficit, and our nation faces additional economic hardships and a downgraded credit rating?

Anything in there about the Library Commission recommendation to seek Special District status and/or a mill levy at a time when Denver taxpayers struggle to stay in their homes, in this punishing economy in which every dollar I earn is already spoken for?

You should take your complaints to the top of the socio-economic ladder. This is where your labor is being exploited in exchange for just enough compensation, to all be spoken for. A public service that provides access to information and media for all of us, regardless of our economic class, should be your last concern in our present reality.

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