Virginia Village Branch Library Renovation Celebration

The Virginia Village Branch Library reopened Tuesday, May 10, 2011 after being closed for approximately 6 months while Better Denver Bond funded technology upgrades, infrastructure improvements and renovations were completed.

Summary of Bond Improvements

The Virginia Village Branch Library realized the following improvements:

  • Lighting was upgraded.
  • New carpeting and flooring, new furnishings and fresh paint throughout the building.
  • Children’s area was refreshed and newly furnished.
  • Main service area redesigned to improve staff and customer interactions and to utilize state-of-the-art RFID technology.
  • Access to computers improved with specific areas for desktop computers and informal WiFi spaces.
  • Public restrooms updated with new flooring, partitions, lighting, fixtures and countertops.

Slideshow of Renovation Images

Images of the Virginia Village Branch Library After Renovation
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Frequently Asked Questions

If the City and County of Denver is having budget problems, where is the money coming from for the renovations?

The funds are coming from the Better Denver Bond Program that voters approved in 2007. The bonds have already been issued and are separate from the operating budget of the City and County of Denver.

As Mayor Hickenlooper announced in December, the City and County of Denver is committed to completing as many infrastructure projects as possible in the next three years that were funded by the Better Denver Bond Program as a way to stimulate the local economy and lessen the impact of the recent downturn.

Will there be other branch closures?

The Valdez-Perry Branch Library will close in mid-2011 for renovations.

Other Better Denver Bond Projects

Please visit the Better Denver Bond page for more information on renovations at other Denver Public Library Branch locations.

The City of Denver has information on Better Denver Bond Program, with a complete list of projects going on around the City. All of these projects are possible due to the passage of the Better Denver program on the city-wide ballot in 2007. Thank you for your continued support and patience during these renovations.