Poetry Audio Archive

2014 Recordings

April 1: Vernal Thrum
by Emily Peros

April 2: The America I Want to See
by Arturo García

April 3: The Earth: Consisting of Earthen Ware
by Robin Filipczak (Dutch)

April 4: Colorado Boy
by Rickey Broida, read by James Davis

April 5: Madré
Juan Manual Patraca (Spanish)

April 6: Tenía un Perro
by Arturo García (Spanish)

April 7: Revery
by Steve Smallwood

April 8: Soneto de Fidelidade
read by Eneida Gastal-Keith, written by Vinicius de Moraes (Portuguese)

April 9: Chinooks, Colorado Foothills
by Eduardo Garbrieloff

April 10: Disobedience
read by Lisa Broad, written by A.A. Milne

April 11: Un Poema de Amor
by César Corial (Spanish) (Sexually Explicit)

April 12: Night Raid
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

April 13: August 15
by Emily Peros

April 14: Leon the Lyin' Lion
by Steve Smallwood

April 15: Tata Dios
by Rosa Gutierrez (Spanish)

April 16: A Breeze Feels Better When It's Hot
by James Davis

April 17: Eulogy
by Michael-Roman Dixon

April 18: Brides of Elvis
read by Laurie Spurling (from All Shook Up: Collected Poems about Elvis)

April 19: Ode to Joy
by Friedrich Schiller, read by Veronika Albl, music 9th Symphony by Beethoven

April 20: A Gilpy's Life
by Rodney McClimans

April 21: Hoy te veo
by Jesus Rodriguez (Spanish)

April 22: Desire of a Writer
by Francisco Trejo

April 23: Wedding Poem
by Keegan Perkins

April 24: La Roca
by Juan Ramirez (Spanish)

April 25: Natural History
read by Steven Divide, written by E.B. White

April 26: An Epicure, Dining at Crewe
read by Joe Cahn, written by Anonymous

April 27: Halfway Down
read by Lisa Backman, written by A.A Milne

April 28: Cascadas de Pasion
by Sandra Ruiz (Spanish) (Sexually Explicit)

April 29: Podcast for Bicycles
read by Evi Klett, written by Nikki Giovanni

April 29: Long Line of Warriors
by Jennifer Pacheco

April 30: Penpals
by Nashon Cook

April 30: Star Map
by Trish Kinkel

2013 Recordings

April 1: Cotopaxi
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

April 2: Bond and Free
by Robert Frost

April 3: Mermaid, 1969
by Tameca L. Coleman

April 4: Echoing Empty
by Emily Peros

April 5: Elegy
by Mario Spassov

April 6: Conversations In My Head
by Anna Keiser

April 7: Raining Chandelier
by Steve Smallwood

April 8: The Illuminated
by Brad

April 9: The Gifts of the Moon
by Charles Baudelaire

April 10: Arrival
by Margie McCreless Roe

April 11: Cotopaxi 1855
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

April 12: Tennessee Man
by Angie Carlson

April 13: The Owl and the Pussycat
by Edward Lear

April 14: Caminarte es otra cosa
by Arturo Garcia

April 15: To Walk You is Something Else
by Arturo Garcia

April 16: Broken - A Haiku
by Leigh Ann Kennison

April 17: Poem for National Bookmobile Day
by Alexis Tischler

April 18: O Captain! My Captain!
by Walt Whitman

April 19: All I Got
by Emily Peros

April 20: I'm Like That Old Melody
by Jaymes Allyn

April 21: On the Farm
by Leigh Ann Kennison

April 22: Martin Luther King
by Juan Manuel Patraca

April 23: Habits of the Hippopotamus
by Arthur Guiterman

April 24: I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
by William Wordsworth

April 25: The Things We Dare Not Tell
by Henry Lawson

April 26: May 17, 1973
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

April 27: La madre de un inmigrante
by Juan Manuel Patraca

April 28: Around the Corner
by Emily Peros

April 29: Arrullo diurno
by Ramón Suárez

April 30: On Tearing the Lion in Half
by BD Miller