Performers and Special Programs for Children and Teens


A performer is defined as anyone who provides a program geared for children, 18 and under, and their families at a DPL location. (For adult programming complete the Adult Presenter Proposal form). A performer may be paid or may donate their services.

In order to provide any child, teen, or family program at the library, you must first be added to our Children’s Performer Database. All program providers must undergo a background check, submit a W-9, and provide three professional letters of reference. Because you will be working with children and teens, we require a background check for your protection, our customers’ protection, and ours. There is never an exception.
If you have performed at a DPL branch location in the past, you may or may not be in our database. Contact the performer database coordinator to confirm your status.

To Be Added to the Performer Database

Please send the following information to the performer database coordinator via email:

  1. Your name/stage name/organization you represent
  2. Your contact information (address, phone number, email address)
  3. Web page address (not required but highly recommended)
  4. What you do (type of program(s), for what target age)
    • Detailed descriptions of programs are welcome but not required
  5. Experience with children (i.e., libraries, schools, large events, birthday parties etc.)
  6. Price/cost per program, and if you offer a discount for more than one booking per institution.
  7. In addition, please send (via postal mail or email)
    • Three professional letters of reference
    • Completed background check form (This is required for each performer from your organization who will be providing a program.)
    • Completed W-9 form

    Send to:
    Sam Gary Branch Library
    Performer Coordinator
    2961 Roslyn Street
    Denver, CO 80238
    Or email to:

The performer database coordinator will gather all required information and paperwork from you. After successfully completing the background check, the coordinator will add you to the Children’s Performer Database. The database contains your name, what type of program(s) you offer, program(s) cost, and basic contact information, such as phone and email. Being in the database is not a guarantee that you will be booked for performances. Branch representatives will contact you if they are interested in having you perform at their branch.


We will make every effort to have payment ready for you at the time of your performance. However, due to possible delays beyond our control, the Library accounting department may mail your check at the address listed on your W-9 form after the performance. If you need to update your contact information, please contact the performer database coordinator.


Per city policy, employees of Denver Public Libraries are not able to sign contracts, place deposits or give payment to performers until AFTER the performance/program.

I’m in the Database — Now What Do I Do?


Thank you for your willingness to contribute quality programming to the Denver community! Please remember, being in the database is not a guarantee that you will be booked for performances. Some branches provide programs during the school year; other branches only have summer programs, or occasional special events. In addition, it can be challenging for representatives to book programs over $200, due to budget constraints. Each branch representative is responsible for booking their own programs. The branch representatives will contact you if they are interested in having you perform at their branch. We encourage you to send postal mail to the branches, but please do not call the branch locations in order to solicit business.

If you have updates in your contact information, rates, or program descriptions, please send this information to the performer database coordinator.

Maintaining an Active Status in the Children's Performer Database

Performers are held to a three-strike rule. Library staff may report any problems or issues to the performer database coordinator and these will count as a strike against you. Problems or issues may include, but are not limited to:

  • No-shows or tardiness
  • Inability to interest audience
  • Lack of knowledge of material
  • Misrepresenting program
  • Rudeness to Library staff and/or Library customers
  • Inappropriate comments or behavior
  • Persistent or overzealous communication with Library staff in order to solicit business

If you have any questions please send an email to the performer database coordinator.

Thank you for your devotion to excellent programming and for helping us to enrich the lives of children, teens, and families in Denver. Together we make an extraordinary difference in our community!