WriteNOW! Writing Group of the Colorado Genealogical Society (CGS)

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History and Genealogy
Gates Conference Room - Level 5

The WriteNOW! informal writing group. This is the third year for the group but newcomers are welcome to join any session. We'll start by helping people get over the fear of writing about their lives and the lives of their ancestors and then start work on a personal project.

Why informal? There will be a facilitator (Carol Darrow, CG) who will help the interaction, but there will not be a formal lecture. Instead, there will be actual writing and sharing of that writing. We'll also talk about setting a goal for your writing output (book, article, short story, multi-volume family history) and organizing information in a interesting way for your reader.

Afraid of sharing? It will not be a requirement for every person, every time. But we hope you'll learn that seeing your story through someone else's eyes can help to improve the flow of the story you want to tell.

Upcoming Schedule: NO CLASSES for summer, will resume in the fall.

For more information contact facilitator, Carol Darrow at cdarrow944@yahoo.com
Sponsored by Colorado Genealogical Society http://www.cogensoc.us/cgsevents.html

Free and open to the public. No registration is required.

WriteNOW! Writing Group of the Colorado Genealogical Society (CGS)