Untitled #63: Au Naturel-Foot of the Mountain, Mouth of the River: How the Human Body Informs Our View of Nature

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Arts and Crafts
Denver Art Museum, 13th Avenue at Acoma Plaza

Explore the use of words used to describe the human form that also illuminate how we express our relationship to the natural world. Choose a word that resonates for you as a figural descriptor and we'll use that to match you up with a beautiful artwork in the DAM collection. After you are paired with your landscape, you'll turn it into a magnet for your fridge gallery. And we will be test driving our new rectangular button maker -- so on this night, the natural world will be made up of straight lines! General admission for Untitled events is $10 and the Fresh City Life offering is free with admission. For more details, please visit the Denver Art Museum website.
American Standard
Chuck Forsman
Oil paint on Masonite
Courtesy Chuck Forsman and Robischon Gallery
Photography gallery, Level 7, North Building

American Standard Chuck Forsman 1959 Oil paint on Masonite