Travel Overseas with Children--You Can Do It!

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Life Skills

Everything you always wanted to know about traveling Europe with kids but were too afraid to ask! Join us for an informative and entertaining talk hosted by a family who lived abroad and traveled throughout Europe with young children and learn some of their tricks for coming home in one piece.

Having recently returned from living in Europe, a local Denver family will share their experiences, stories, and tips for exploring Europe with kids. Whether youre family is being moved abroad, you're planning a holiday overseas with your brood, or don’t think that you could possibly travel internationally with children, this talk is for you. John, Jill, and their two children (both under 5) traveled throughout Europe, visited just about every major tourist destination, and will offer some suggestions for child-friendly activities, tips for keeping your kids engaged throughout your trip, as well as suggest some off-the-beaten path sites that will make your European adventure, no matter how long or short, a memorable one.