Scribes, Scholars & Storytellers Series 2013 ~ Featuring Carnita Groves

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Each week we will host a different Denver based African American author with a range of talents and topics, from a variety of genres. Join us for an exciting series, promising a little something for everyone!

Wednesday March 20th @ 6:30pm Carnita Groves
Carnita is a Denver native. She writes integrative mental health articles for the Denver Black Pages and has recently published 7 books in less than one month. Carnita has taught psychology at three area colleges and operates a private practice (, which includes forensic evaluation support, integrative mental health, and psycho-nutrition. Her latest book, We All Have Issues, packs a wealth of information about "issues" in just a few pages. It does a remarkable job of simplifying complex issues and putting practical answers ("next steps") within reach. Author will be selling copies of her book.

Upcoming Authors
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April 3rd ~ Johari Ade, Wednesday @6:30p
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April 24th ~ Dominique Ashaheed, Wednesday @6:30p

May 1st ~ Allison Cotton, Wednesday @6:30p
May 6th ~ Lee McQueen, Monday @6:30p
May 13th ~ Leilani Henry, Monday @6:30p
May 20th ~ Dana Myles, Monday @6:30p
May 22nd ~ Charlene Porter, Wednesday @6:30p

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Scribes, Scholars & Storytellers Series 2013 ~ Featuring Carnita Groves