Scribes, Scholars & Storytellers Series 2013 ~ Featuring Anitha Jackson

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Each week we will host a different Denver based African American author with a range of talents and topics, from a variety of genres. Join us for an exciting series, promising a little something for everyone!

Saturday March 30th @ 2pm Anitha Jackson
Anitha is a children’s book author who is best known as the author and illustrator of the Gabby’May Digsby children’s books with the first one being, Gabby’May Digsby When I grow up, I wanna be… Anitha is now the proud author and illustrator of “Eight” Gabby’May Digsby children’s books in which four have been published and the other four waiting to go to print. Join us for a fun-filled afternoon with prize giveaways, a photo opportunity with the author, face painting and a grand prize drawing. Author will be selling copies of her book.

Upcoming Authors
April 3rd ~ Johari Ade, Wednesday @6:30p
April 8th ~ Rev. William Golson, Monday @6:30p
April 15th ~ Rev. James Peters, Monday @6:30p
April 24th ~ Dominique Ashaheed, Wednesday @6:30p

May 1st ~ Allison Cotton, Wednesday @6:30p
May 6th ~ Lee McQueen, Monday @6:30p
May 13th ~ Leilani Henry, Monday @6:30p
May 20th ~ Dana Myles, Monday @6:30p
May 22nd ~ Charlene Porter, Wednesday @6:30p

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Scribes, Scholars & Storytellers Series 2013 ~ Featuring  Anitha Jackson