Scribes, Scholars & Storytellers Series 2013 ~ Allison M. Cotton, Ph.D. *Postponed*

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**Tonight's scheduled author, Allison Cotton has postponed her presentation due to the weather. She will be rescheduling in June. Date....TBD. Please check back for more details.***

Each week we will host a different Denver based African American author with a range of talents and topics, from a variety of genres. Join us for an exciting series, promising a little something for everyone!

Wednesday May 1st @ 6:30pm Allison M. Cotton, Ph.D.
Dr. Cotton is an Associate Professor of Criminology at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dr. Cotton has published several papers on criminal justice topics, including but not limited to the death penalty, eye-witness identifications, lethal behavior, and expert witnesses. Her first book, Effigy: Images of Capital Defendants was released in the summer of 2008. Her latest book, co-authored with Gregg Barak and Paul Leighton; Class, Race, Gender & Crime: the Social Realities of Justice in America 4th edition is forthcoming. Dr. Cotton is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the American Society of Criminology, and Coloradans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

Upcoming Authors
May 6th ~ Lee McQueen, Monday @6:30p
May 13th ~ Leilani Henry, Monday @6:30p
May 20th ~ Dana Myles, Monday @6:30p
May 22nd ~ Charlene Porter, Wednesday @6:30p

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Scribes, Scholars & Storytellers Series 2013 ~ Allison M. Cotton, Ph.D. *Postponed*