Living Between Worlds: Building Bridges of Welcome

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Living Between Worlds – Building Bridges of Welcome

"The tongue has no bones.  What is spoken only from the mouth and head will reach the head only.  A story spoken from the heart, reaches the heart" ~ Berkina Faso

A Special Community Program for Holocaust Survivors & Second Generation, Refugees of Modern Day Genocide and American Born Participants – sharing stories & music. “Living between worlds” is a holding of tensions ~ our history & new beginnings, self & community, and our past world & hopes for a better world.

Our stories matter. Let us learn from each other. As every Holocaust and Refugee Survivor knows, “living between worlds” is living with seemingly different parts of ourselves, with one foot in each world, such as:
Our history and new beginnings
My own personal story and our shared communal story
Keeping traditions alive while learning to live in this new world
Despair & sadness with gratitude & hope

Speakers will first share parts of their own story in informal story circles. Then we will find bridges between all of our stories ~
hopes for a better world
lessons learned – the world we want our children to grow up in
tensions of being silent and finding our voice

Speakers include:
Osi Sladek, Holocaust Survivor
Andre Mark, Holocaust Survivor and Judith Mark Pizer, Holocaust Second Generation
Setu Nepal, leader of Bhutanese Nepali Community
Angeline Habonimana & Joseph Nsabimbona, Refugees from Burundi
Musicians include:
Osi Sladek, Jewish & International Music
Bataki, Caribbean & African Drumming Music
Courage & Renewal Facilitator®: Susan Kaplan

We are all in this together. Light refreshments will be served.

Part of Light: The Holocaust and Humanity Project in partnership with The Colorado Ballet. For more information, visit: