Irish and Scots-Irish Research Seminar

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History and Genealogy
B2 Conference Room

Ulster Historical Foundation

This seminar is presented by Fintan Mullan and Gillian Hunt, representatives of the Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Topics include:
-Introduction to Irish and Scots-Irish Family History Research
-The Ulster Plantation: Sources for 17th Century Families
-Records Relating to the Different Churches in Ireland
-Solving Your Brick-Walls: Practical Internet Tutorial and Resolving Research Queries

Fintan Mullan is Executive Director of the Ulster Historical Foundation and Gillian Hunt is the Research Officer. This impressive presentation will be of value to those researching ancestors in any part of Ireland, as they use examples from both Northern Ireland and the Republic. The UHF is one of the principal genealogical research agencies in Ireland and is a leading publisher of genealogical, historical, and educational books.

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