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Meeting Room - Level 1

Join us as we explore the film Sing Your Song: The Music, Hope and Vision of a Man and an Era

Told with a remarkable sense of intimacy, visual style and musical panache, this biographical documentary surveys the life and times of activist/singer/actor Harry Belafonte. From his rise to fame as a singer and his experiences touring a segregated country to his provocative crossover into Hollywood, Belafonte's groundbreaking career personifies the American and civil rights movement. A tenacious hands-on activist, he worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. and helped to mobilize celebrities for social justice. His lifelong work includes participation in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa as well as actions countering the incarceration of youth, prison conditions and gang violence. Because of his beliefs, Belafonte drew unwarranted invasions by the FBI into both his personal life and career. However, his indomitable sense of optimism motivates his path even today as he continues to ask, "What do we do now?" His example may very well inspire you to action. Directed by Susanne Rostock, 104 mins

Sponsored by the Colorado Committee on Africa and the Caribbean.
The Colorado Committee on Africa and the Caribbean (CCAC) is a social justice and human rights organization. CCAC seeks to broaden the public's awareness of the political, economic and social realities of African, Caribbean and Latin American societies. In metropolitan Denver most discussions and activities relevant to those regions occur on college campuses, usually at times when working adults cannot attend. Therefore, CCAC seeks to incorporate the general public, and most events are held on weekends and are free--of-charge. Although CCAC occasionally partners with campus organizations, a parallel public event always takes place.

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