Colorado Authors Series: Kitty Migaki: Alphabet Denver

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Award winning author/photographer/publisher Kitty Migaki will explain why her book Alphabet Denver--A GPS Alphabet Hunt Book--is not your grandfather's alphabet book. Kitty's "eye candy" photographs of the ABCs captured in architecture at the most frequently visited places around downtown Denver will stump even the most well-traveled Denver native. Each letter is partnered with an original poem, for tongue pleasing reading. Most deliciously, she has included the longitude and latitude location of each letter so that you, your kids, grandkids, and/or students can have an experience that engages readers of all ages and offers an activity that bridges generations. Need a new activity that engages and sparks the imagination? Discover the layered learning attributes Alphabet Denver has to offer your tribe. Want to add to your fun? Participate in the puzzle cache activity associated with this event--details coming soon!