Chat with Artist Bakheit Ibra

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Cousins Gallery - Level 3

Join artist Bakheit Ibra as he discuses his artistic journey and inspiration for his work.

Bakheit is a self-taught artist who did not receive formal education or training at an art school. His school was the library where he studied various artists and art books, which helped him to develop his own style and elevate his talent. He describes his style this way, “If I had to label my style it would fall into the categories of abstract expressionism. I find inspiration in Salvador Dali, George Braque, Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch, and the most famous Sudanese artist Ibrahim El Salahi.” Bakheit’s art is a reflection of his Sudanese culture and what he sees in everyday life. He says, “If I have an idea I put it on canvas. I look into history as inspiration. I paint the struggle of blacks, the poor, and the struggle of people in Africa…their everyday struggle.” He goes on to say, “Their pain is my inspiration. You can find it in everyone and it tells you something. My art isn’t strictly African or Sudanese, it’s for everyone, for the entire human race.”

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Chat with Artist Bakheit Ibra