ArtSkool: Where's Van Gogh: Denver's Art Districts

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This arts exploration is designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of visual and performing arts, while at the same time building a bridge between students and Denver’s vibrant arts community. ArtSkool students will build an appreciation for an art form with which they previously had little or no experience. ArtSkool includes collaborations with local museums, galleries, dance studios, theaters, and individual artists to create programming that gives participants the tools and confidence to enjoy the arts in Denver more fully.

Where’s Van Gogh: Denver’s Art Districts
Take an armchair tour of metro Denver’s best areas to see, enjoy and learn about local art and artists. Art impresario, gallery owner and award-winning artist Jimmy Sellars shares his treasure map for seeking the creative heart and soul of Denver. It’s a unique chance to experience the arts community through the knowledgeable eyes of an artistic mastermind. To register, go to or call 720.865.1205.

New art from artist Jimmy Sellars