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Community Learning Plazas: Computer Skills

The Community Technology Center in the Central Library and several branches offer word processing. There are also online word processing options. Ask library staff for assistance.

Computer Skills Exercises Introduction to basic computer skills and tips for using the mouse, navigating windows and manipulating text.

Creating an Account or Email Address Many personalized online services and online job applications require that you create a free account. This section can help!

Curso de mecanografía gratis por internet Inscripción gratis.

Mouse Aerobics Click on different types of links to develop mouse skills.

Mouse Dot-to-Dot A fun and easy way to practice mouse skills--for all ages.

Mousercise Simple exercises for complete beginners.

TypingWeb TypingWeb offers hundreds of typing lessons, interactive games, tests, and tips. Free Membership. Deep discounts for organizations.

Dance Mat Typing A fun colorful web site with animation and games introducing touch typing to children aged 7 to 11.

Computer Skills Tutorials Simple, picture-based tutorials for learning to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office products.

GCFLearnFree: Computer Training Learn to use internet, email, and facebook basics and other basic computer skills. Ver en español

Free Computer Skills Classes at the Library Free computer skills classes.

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