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Walden on wheels : on the open road from debt to freedom

by Ken Ilgunas

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Ken Ilgunas's memoir, Walden on Wheels, presents the all too common experience of the debt-ridden liberal studies college graduate with few prospects for gainful or meaningful employment. At the age of 18, the author unwittingly takes out about $35,000 in loans for his undergraduate education. He vows to pay off...

The golden spruce : a true story of myth, madness, and greed

by John Vaillant

This is the tragic, tantalizing tale of a tree.  A tree with anomalous golden needles that stood tall, radiant, and robust on the misty edge of British Colombia.  A tree that represented the past as it stood for the future.  A 300 year old Sitka spruce that was shockingly felled...

Ten things I can do to help my world

by Melanie Walsh

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This book tells you how you can help the environment by saving water, feeding birds, and other great tips. It is very simple and has really great illustrations and cool cut-out pages. It's perfect for the youngest children and older ones too.

On Meadowview Street

by Henry Cole

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When Caroline moves to her new house on Meadowview Street, she wonders "Where is the meadow?" A flower growing in the grass of her yard inspires Caroline to create a wildflower preserve. As one discovery leads to another, Caroline learns that we all can find nature in our own backyards.

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