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Interactive Goal Setting

Tired of just talking about setting goals? Join us at the newly renovated Ross-Cherry Creek branch library as Jane Diamond helps you get inspired this Saturday, July 17 at 10:30am.

Jane Diamond, owner of Memories, Magic and More, will help you create a vision page using magazines, catalogs, and scrapbooking tools. When you hang this collage in a place where you will see it daily, your goals will begin to take shape!

Learn more about goal-setting, collaging, and scrapbooking with the wide array of materials the library has to offer!


Flash Mob!

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We at the Fresh City Life office have been mighty inspired by flash mobs of late. In case you don't know, a flash mob is a spontaneous-appearing choreographed dance in a public place - organizers secretly send out the word via email or text, and when the music starts, the crowd boogies down, surprising

all the unsuspecting onlookers. Flash mobs can be giant, with hundreds of people involved, or small - but either way there's a fierce expression of FUN and that's what we're about. Here's a video of a big flash mob in Stockholm last year - their choice of Michael Jackson is perfect - the King of Choreography (yeah, ok and Pop) lives on in the streets!


Wouldn't the library be a perfect place for a flash mob?  Hint hint...;)

Tunes and Tubes this Sunday

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This Sunday's gonna be a great one for Fresh City Life!  Outside we have the venerable Curt Wallach teaching you how to fix your own bike from 1-3, and inside we have the dazzling Esme Collins singing her heart out in the great hall from 2-3. These are two hip young movers and shakers in Denver-

Curt is the owner of The Track Shack and the head of Cheetah Courier- in other words, nothing happens with bikes in Denver that Curt doesn't know about. Covered in tattoos and often sporting a gnarly mullet, Curt is a new mold of Fresh City Life presenter. And Esme, well, Esme is a downright Denver celebrity, comprising one of the three angelic voices in the band Paper Bird- she's got class, she's got style, she's a lady.

Salsaleros from across the Border

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 A chef friend of mine headed south of the border four months ago to expand his horizons, have new experiences, live la vida del Southern Hemisphere and most importantly, explore the food.  He writes a blog called Nunca Acaba de Llegar - Never Stop Arriving, where he documents his culinary adventures.  

 The most recent post is devoted to the very best Salsas he's encountered in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Check it out!  Might give you some inspiration to submit a recipe for The Salsa Wars, our city-wide salsa recipe competition.

No Shushing Allowed! The library is alive with sounds.

This summer, Fresh City Life is hosting Beatwave: a Summer Music Series on Sunday afternoons in June and July.  We've tried hard to put together a group of diverse local musicians who will play tunes in tones you definitely haven't heard before. Take 2GVibe, the West African ensemble will be kicking off the series next Sunday June 6th from 2-3.

Koffi Toudji, the band leader, is a whirlwind of a man, with rhythm like rain and energy like the sun. I first met Koffi through the Cleo Parker Robinson African dance class, where he and his fellow drummers pound out rhythms for people of all ages and types to get down to (and Get Down they do). Koffi takes an athletic approach to drumming, as if it's a full body sport, and the drum is his accomplice.

What's Not to Love about WordNerds?

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 WordNerds is one of my favorite Fresh City Life events to host- it’s pure old-fashioned fun.  Nothing complicated, nothing messy, just a bunch of people get together to play games.  Some WordNerds come with friends, while others wander in solo, hoping to catch a game and meet people, which they inevitably do.

The evening typically starts with smaller groups of gamers pouring over Scrabble boards and Boggle cubes scattered throughout the Novo Coffee/Mad Wine area, but by the end of the night we’ve all converged like amoeba for riotously funny games of Baldderdash or Speed Scrabble.  Come 8:00, after being fueled by coffee and wine specials from our gracious hosts, our games grudgingly wind to an end, leaving us eager for next month’s gathering.

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