Denver Public Library Budget Resources

Denver Public Library Budget Resources

Budget Blog

Blog posts from City Librarian Shirley Amore discussing budgetary issues.

2012 Budget Information

The Library's budget for the previous year displayed with charts and graphs.

2013 Budget Information

Information about potential budget cuts for 2013 and updates on a 2012 ballot initiative for sustainable funding.

DPL By the Numbers

Full time staff, online transactions, number of items in the collection, Library program attendance, circulation statistics, and more.

Sustainable Funding

Learn About Library Districts

Information about library districts, the benefit they have to the community, and comparisons with other funding models.

Library Commission White Paper

In April 2011, the Denver Public Library Commission distributed a White Paper discussing the need for a long-term sustainable funding solution, and setting minimum service standards.

Poll Results

A poll surveying 500 frequent Denver voters about the state of the economy, the impact the current City budget shortfall has on Denver Public Library, and potential long-term funding solutions for DPL.

DPL in the News: Recent Articles Related to the Library’s Budget