2013 Budget Information

DPL Prepares for a Potential $2.4 Million Budget Reduction

The Denver Public Library received a $2.4 million budget reduction target for 2013 from the City Budget Office. As in past years, all City agencies, including DPL, are given an initial budget number and are required to submit their ideas on how to reach their target.

Three budget reduction scenarios were discussed during the June 21 Library Commission meeting. Options for the Library include closing branches and/or further reducing hours and materials/technology budgets.

  • 2013 Budget Memo — explanation of the proposed budget cut scenarios.
  • 2013 Proposed Budget — includes 2013 budget timeline and the three scenarios should DPL be required to reduce their budget by $2.4 million.

November 2012 Ballot Initiative Update

On Monday, August 20, City Council voted 11-1 to refer a measure to the November ballot asking voters to "de-Bruce" city property taxes.

Specifically, Measure 2A will ask the permission of Denver residents to retain all taxes collected under our current rates, without raising those rates now or in the future without a vote of the people.

This measure, commonly known as “de-Brucing” would allow Denver to retain what it already collects under current tax rates, taking Denver out from under a state-mandated spending cap formula in TABOR. By removing the TABOR spending limits, the city will have an additional $68 million dollars to improve police and fire protection, repair city streets and restore Library hours.

The Denver Post reported on this in their August 20 edition.